Décalé: teaching

Théâtre Décalé in schools and colleges

The Company proposes clowning workshops which can be given in combination with a specially adapted performance. This combination of workshop and show has most recently been given at Dartington College in the UK and at the American School of Paris (ISTA festival) and the International School of Toulouse.

These workshops are led by Alan Fairbairn. Alan is English and has lived in Paris since 1985, in which year he began his studies at the Jacques Lecoq school. Since this time he has toured internationally to indoor and outdoor festivals, notably with the Primitives and the Serge Noyelle company, as well as his own Théâtre Décalé. Alan is also a member of the pedagogical team at the Samovar school in Paris, a renowned school based on the teaching of clown.

The idea of the pedagogical performance is to present extracts of shows but then to step our of character to speak with the audience very informally about how the company devises work and what are the artistic aims. The result is an insight into modern clown which is at the same time a highly entertaining evening.

“I can most strongly recommend both workshop and performance-demonstration to other colleagues in theatre education. Either workshop or performance-demonstration are valuable and effective events, but as linked ‘companions they offer more than the sum of their parts. Both students and staff at Dartington found Alan's teaching and performance stimulating, erudite, provoking, pragmatically useful and – above all – great good fun.”

Dr Simon Murray
Director of Theatre
Dartington College of Arts