The Harry Stork Cabaret


The Harry Stork Cabaret

Harry Stork would normally be delighted to share his unusual artistic discoveries with you. Unfortunately he's not in the best of moods, since his technician has just left him and some idiot in the audience seems to be trying to divert all the attention towards himself. Luckily there's always a youngster in the audience (about 4 years old) who turns out to be innocent, willing to help, and easy to manipulate…

Harry's show is far from traditional cabaret, This thoroughly eccentric artist offers us a series of highly original, poetic and eccentric numbers presented with absolute conviction: an omelette cooked with an invisible egg, live poetry written by his dog, the stunning launch of a human space-rocket, and an ode to that culinary legend, the Baked Bean.

The Harry Stork Cabaret is at once intimate, comic and thoroughly unexpected. The performance is above all visual but isn't by any means silent. Harry combines a very precise and minimalistic performance style with moments of free improvisation with the audience. 
Adults find it hilarious… children are fascinated.

Alan Fairbairn is a Paris-based, Lecoq-trained performer with a huge experience of street theatre. He began in the early nineties in a duo specialising in wordless improvisation, and then joined the Belgian- based Primitives. Their shows Cook It and Wash It! have toured worldwide. He was also a performer in the Cabaret NoNo (Serge Noyelles Company).



His expressive eyebrows, his stare that could kill, and his malicious mouth… an exceptional clown, pitiful but lucid, who combines absurd situations with very well constructed visual numbers (L'Express, France)

The show combines thoroughly ridiculous situations with very surprising visual numbers. A journey to the very edge of the imagination (Le Journal du Centre, France)

One of the successes of the festival… a small-scale show but immensely entertaining (Dresdner Neueste Nachrichte, Germany)