new collaboration! (2014.11.11)

Alan Fairbairn is currently collaborating with the Matapeste clown company on a new clown duo, Harry et Léonard...

First dates are in France on 16 November 2014 (Villedieu) and the 22 November (Sarzeau). Here is an extract from the show’s publicity material:


Harry Stork, a legendary artist with, it’s true, a somewhat difficult character, was summoned by the Matapeste Company to participate in their famous travelling road-show during the 2013 “Très Grand Conseil Mondial des Clowns” in Niort. One evening, he had a revelation… He realized that the humble Léonard Matapeste  had all the qualities of a first-rate assistant: he was docile to the point of being servile, and willing to put up with even the worst of tyrants. And he decided to propose that Léonard be his assistant in his worldwide artistic perambulations.

 And so Léonard enlisted in Harry’s service – reinvigorating Harry and giving him a new desire to present his most recent works…His froggy assistant has the job of seating the audience, putting on the music, bringing Harry’s props on stage and, full of admiration for his master, replying to every demand with a prompt « Of course Sir !!! »

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