Théâtre Décalé

Théâtre Décalé was formed by Alan Fairbairn as a trio in 1989. The three performers had all studied together at the Jacques Lecoq School in Paris. During this first phase, the company toured to many international festivals with performances that were comic, visual and purely improvised. Since 1996 Alan Fairbairn has mounted various projects, either solo or using different combinations of actors: The Elasticated Man (solo, 1994); No Joseph (solo, 1996); The World of Harry Stork (solo, 2004). During an extended stay in the UK, during which time the company was called Out of Synch (the English translation of "décalé"), Décalages and Insomnia were produced, and both shows were trio performances.

More recently Alan Fairbairn has created The Cabaret of Harry Stork (available in versions of 30 minutes for the street and 60 minutes for theatre) and The Dodo Show (duo, 2007, not currently available).

All of these shows approach clown in a way which has nothing to do with the clichés linked to that term.  The style is characterised by a constant search for originality and an absurd and surreal sense of humour.